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Awesome Beach's
Night life is always active at Wednesday,Friday and Saturday nights in th famagusta also The city has his unique feature of full of serenity and beatiful atmosphere.Also famagusta city beaches are certified by blue flag beach and tourists can live the real fun at the beaches besides this you can do what ever sporting activities in the beach you want.

With his outstanding cultural heritage famagusta city has Venetian Palace, Othello Castle, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Namik Kemal Square, Canbulat  Museum, Dry fountain, Kertikli Bath, Twin Churches and many other places waiting for you to reveal the secret of famagusta. It's hard to not fascinate from famagusta city
Famagusta has a unique tissue that which is always amazed tourists with his clear sea and sparkling beaches, also there were a lot of famous beach in the famagusta most famous one's are Palm-Beach, Silver Beach and Glapsides Beach.

Famagusta city offering you a fabulous and fantastic opportunuties like walking in a long beach, relaxing in very warm sands and freshen up in the sea.

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Early Booking
Our Hotel:
- 52 Room Capacity
- Extra Bed (Optional)
- Roof Swimming Pool, Bar
- A la Carte Restaurant

All The Rooms Has:
- Balcony, Fitted Bathroom, Shower
- Air Condition, TV,
-Refrigerator, Hair Dryer

Adress: 9. Fevzi Çakmak Avenue,
Famagusta, North Cyprus,
Mersin 10 - Turkey

Tel :  (0392) 366 4392
      :  (0392) 366 4393
Fax:  (0392) 366 2949

Call us now and catch a chance to benefit our early reservation opportunities.
In the center of port city of Famagusta, Northern Cyprus Our hotel is a merging  of natural beauty and historic venue. A family owned and renovated in 2013, continuing to serve our hotel with rich history and proximity to the beach according to your heart's delight serves.
- 7 min walk to the beach
- 6 min walk to Market Stores
- 4 min walk to Castle Walls
- 14 min walk to City center
Ercan Airport: 55 Km
Nicosia: 70 Km

Address: 9. Fevzi Çakmak Avenue, Famagusta, North Cyprus, Mersin 10 - Turkey
Tel :  (0392) 366 4392     (0392) 366 4393
Fax:  (0392) 366 2949
All of our hotel room with a capacity of 52 rooms has balcony, sunken bathroom and shower. All rooms have air conditioning, TV, refrigerator and hair dryer. There is also the possibility of extra beds. It will definetely a pleasure to watch the beauty of the sea , historical artifacts and the port of famagusta  from roof swimming pool of our hotel, bar and restaurant.It's sufficient enough to visit portofino hotel and meet with the family warmth staffs and kingly quality.

Special Moment Services
You can make your very special birthday parties, weddings, engagements, graduations, private parties with the difference of portofino hotel atmosphere.

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